CCTV Captures Restaurant Owner Peeing In Rival’s Soup

A restaurant owner in Haikou, the capital of China’s southernmost Hainan province, recently noticed that his soup had a strange smell to it. To find out what was wrong, he installed CCTV cameras in his noodle shop – but nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. The rank-smelling soup was the result of a jealous competitor peeing in it, reports the Shanghaiist.

CCTV footage of the restaurant from the morning of March 28 shows the owner of a rival restaurant walking into the shop and dropping something into a pot of soup. He then proceeds to unzip his pants and pee in another container of soup.

Turns out, he dropped some excrement in the first container.

According to The Paper, local police said after investigation that the unnamed criminal was jealous of his competitor’s success and therefore decided to take this foul step.

Last year, a food delivery man was fired after he drank a customer’s soup and filled up the container with his own pee.  


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