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Inmates Escape Colombia’s Biggest Prison After Getting Guard Drunk

Police in Colombia are looking for two inmates who simply walked out of Colombia’s largest prison after getting the security guard drunk, local media reported. The criminals reportedly convinced the guard to let them go to buy more liquor but – surprise, surprise –  never came back.

The inmates were found missing from the maximum security wing of the La Picota prison in Bogota on Saturday night after the security guard’s colleagues found him in an inebriated state, reported Radio W.

“The guard was drinking with the inmates, he was drunk, he could not stand and supposedly let the inmates out the main door to buy a drink,” a prison guard told the radio channel.

The guard also reportedly refused to get a breathalyser test and failed to alert authorities about the inmates escaping, Colombia Reports quotes local media.

The two inmates were identified as Jhon Gutierrez Rincon who was sentenced to 40 years jail-time for kidnapping and extortion in 2003 and Olmedo Vargas who was awaiting trial for an alleged theft from November 2017, reported the BBC.

The production of home-brewed liquor inside the jail premises is common despite checks, BBC quotes prison director of La Picota. The prisoners’ easy escape could also be attributed to rampant corruption inside the jail.”There is a new guard that makes and breaks La Picota, they take bribes, they give benefits to the inmates, they let them out in exchange for large sums of money, it is a mafia,” Radio W quotes another security official.

It’s not reported if any action has been taken against the compromised prison guard.

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