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ICYMI: Twitter Thread About Office Drama Over Stolen Food Has Us Shook

Remember that scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. when Ross had that huge meltdown after a colleague eats his sandwich at work? The scene remains epic even after all these years. You know, because we all have had or know someone whose had their food ‘stolen’ by a co-worker. The struggle is real and those who have doubts must read this incredible Twitter thread. A man tweeted about the drama that unfolded at his workplace after someone stole his co-worker’s lunch. The updates really had everyone invested in the story.

It all started when Twitter user Zak Toscani tweeted about the incident on March 30. His first tweet raked in over 5.5 lakh ‘likes’ and more than 1.7 lakh retweets so far.

“The lunch in question was shrimp fried rice which means this escalates from a misdemeanor to felony no doubt,” he tweeted. He further explained that the lunch was left in the refrigerator for less an hour before it disappeared and added that it was a “professional hit no doubt”.He went on to explain what happened his co-worker had checked the security footage.

HR however went ahead and emailed all the employees about not stealing other people’s lunches. The culprit meanwhile wasn’t in office when all this drama unfolded. Once she came she checked her emails to find the one from HR and behaved as if she had no involvement in the matter. She even asked the co-worker, whose lunch she has apparently stolen, why he had to take up the matter with HR.

Mr Toscani even tweeted about the reactions of his other colleagues.

And ended up doing this:

“I wish I could close this up with a neat little bow, but, it appears that we may never know why she did it. Maybe she doesn’t know she did it. Either way I’m now forced to work 40hrs a week next to a cold blooded individual,” he tweeted.

The thread really got Twitter’s attention.

In the end, we’ll just leave you with this…


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