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Flying Veils At Weddings: The Latest Viral Trend From China

Brides, are you looking for new ways to make your big day more magical and beautiful? This latest wedding trend taking over China may just be the thing you are looking for – we think! A video posted online shows a montage from several weddings and reveals the rather interesting trend which involves a floating veil. Curious enough to see it?

Posted on Facebook by Shanghaiist, the video shows brides, dressed in gorgeous white wedding gowns, standing at one end of the aisle. What happens next may feel right out of a Harry Potter film. The bride’s veil is seen floating through the air across the other end of the aisle. The flying veil then lands perfectly over the bride’s head. The entire thing makes for a stunning watch.

A closer look at one of the videos in the montage reveals the technique that may be used to make the veil float. It seems the veil is hung from ropes hanging above the aisle, pulled towards the other end and dropped right over the bride.

Those looking to make a dramatic entrance at their wedding, this may just be what you should try. Watch the video below:

Since being posted on March 31, the video has collected over 2.5 million views and more than 39,000 reactions. While some think the whole thing may be a little extra, a few people say the floating veil reminds them of ghosts and still others think the trend is beautiful.”If our wedding isn’t like this I don’t even want to get married,” says one Facebook user. “Not gonna lie, it looks kind of like a ghost. The dropping aesthetic is cool though,” says another. “Could it be more extra?” jokes another user.

Tell us what you think of this trend in the comments section.

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