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Drunk Man Found Sleeping On Building Ledge – 29 Floors Off The Ground

A panicked phone call about a man believed to be suicidal led police in China to discover a drunk man taking a nap on the narrow ledge of a building roof – a staggering 29 floors off the ground. Photos of the man lying down precariously on the edge of the building were shared online by Chinese-language website, HSW.cn. Though the man was eventually carried to safety by rescue workers, it’s horrifying to think what may have happened to him had he rolled over while sleeping.

According to Shanghaiist, police in Xi’an, the capital of central China’s Shaanxi Province, received a call about a man – possibly suicidal – who was spotted on the roof of a 29-floor residential high-rise. When they arrived at the scene, however, the officers were stunned to find a man napping on a narrow ledge.

The rescuers were able to approach the man, who was presumably passed out, from two separate angles and pulled him off the roof safely.

Local media reports suggest that the man may have intended to jump from the top of the building. However, it is believed that he drank too much alcohol and ended up falling asleep instead. That nap probably saved his life. Last month, footage was released of the moment a firefighter saved a suicidal woman’s life by kicking her back into her 8th floor apartment.

Last year, a firefighter risked his life to save a suicidal woman who had climbed out and was spotted sitting on a tiny beam outside her 15th floor apartment.

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