11 Takeaways from AT&T Partner Exchange Summit

What will we be talking about next year?

“I think Internet of Things will still be a very hot topic. I think we’ll be able to get more automation, virtualization, even network on-demand, collaboration. So much of it starts with mobility, and that is one of the key messages that we just keep banging on because mobility isn’t necessarily the first thing in solution providers’ minds as an area of growth. We feel like we need that in order for us to grow in this mid-market space. We’re not otherwise reaching that space as robustly as we’d like to. It’s imperative that wireless become part of their portfolio, that IoT become part of something that they can do  so that they do become, if they are not already today, the strategic advisor as well as the implementer. We’ll continue to pound away at that, but mobility, IoT, security—I don’t think those are going away. I think you’ll see the addition of virtualization, collaboration, and software-defined everything.”

  • Brooks McCorcle


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